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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oddball Baby Blankets

Neon Fun Complete
Our Oddball Baby Blankets each measure about 20-25 inches, and are handknit with 100% acrylic, worsted weight yarn, that has a nice SOFT feel to it. The finished blankets will be given to a children's hospital. The blankets are started by the first knitter, with about 100 stitches per row. The stitches are kept "live" on the knitting needles, and the project is mailed to the next knitter in line.

Each knitter should knit their section until it measures 4 inches from where they started knitting. The blanket looks best if you start your section by adding your yarn and knitting one row of ALL KNIT STITCHES on the right side. (If the knitter before you ended with a row of knitting on the wrong side, it should work perfectly.)

Each row should begin and end with 3 knit stitches, to make a nice border on our blanket. You can use any design you want for your rows, just don't forget about the 3 knit stitches at each end. Be sure to end your section of knitting with a row of ALL KNIT STITCHES on the WRONG SIDE of the blanket. This way, when the next knitter adds their yarn, it will look nice on the color change row.

When you complete your 4 inches of knitting, keep the stitches on the needle, and mail it to the next knitter. Be sure to check with the leader of your project, to make sure the next knitter is ready for it.

Some knitters like to send gifts to the next knitter, just for fun. Please do not feel obligated to do this. If you DO include gifts, please avoid sending perishable food. Sometimes our packages get held up in the mail. Also, be sure to keep the blanket in its ziploc bag, to protect it from the elements.

When the last knitter completes their knitting, they will need to add 3 rows of knit stitches to make the final border, then bind off the stitches loosely, and let your project leader know that it is complete. Usually, we like to add a crochet border to make the blanket look complete, so feel free to add another person to the project just for that!

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