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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oddball Lapghans - You have two weeks to work on it!

Oddball Lapghans
Lapghan #2 after traceleighj
You should start your knitting session by counting the stitches on the needles to make sure there are 200 stitches, before you start knitting. If there are more or less than 200, just do an increase or decrease near the center of the lapghan to make it right. If you need help doing an increase or a decrease, just ask one of us in the forum.

Please use a washable worsted weight yarn. Plymouth Encore or Lion Brand Wool-Ease are good choices. You could even use some of your Red Heart Super Saver stash! Just pick a nice color that will look good in the lapghan. Be creative! The yarn and stitches will tell a beautiful story when it’s complete.

You can knit as many rows as it takes to add up to 5 inches to the length of the lapghan. You are welcome to use any design you want, just be sure to end your section on a WRONG SIDE ROW with ALL KNIT STITCHES. (All the loose ends of yarn should be on the same side before they are woven in.) If you don’t want to knit for 5 inches, that’s okay. Just knit what you can, and mail the lapghan to the next person.

There should already be some point protectors on the ends of the needles to keep it safe during shipment, so don't forget to put them back on when you're ready to mail it!
Feel free to add small token gifts for the next person on the list if you want.
(Don't add perishable food items or liquids, because they could soil the lapghan.)

There should be a small notebook with the lapghan, so we can each write a little note about ourselves, with a description of the rows we knit. (You can also tape small photos inside, or add stickers in recognition of your state if you want.)

You may have problems that arise at exactly the same time the lapghan appears on your doorstep. If that's the case, just let your project leader know, and forward the lapghan on to the next person. The lapghan can come back to you at a later date when your life isn't so hectic.

When you have finished your rows, contact your project leader, and they will give you the next person’s address.

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